10 x Theorie (für Dich, mein Liebling, mein Augapfel, meine Sonne und mein Mond)

10 Lecture Performances nach einer Langzeit-Performance:

1 Monat


Der Versuch, aus zehn abstrakten Themen eine zusammenhängende Theorie, im besten Fall eine „Weltsicht“, zu entwerfen, wird auf einer Zugreise unternommen. Deren Route wird durch die zu entdeckenden theoretischen Zusammenhänge bestimmt. Die einzelnen gedanklichen Bewegungen sollen sich parallel in einem grosszügigen Netz geographischer Bewegungen über das kontinentale Eurasien ausdrücken.


There were too many loose ends. It felt like a disconnected mix of interests pursued for a few months or a few years or a few weeks. Nothing seemed to have much to do with anything else. All chance encounters with this or that theory that had caught my attention. I wanted to take it all in in one ambitious gesture.

It had to be a train journey. Yes, just distribute all the theories on the four directions of the compass. Then make a journey, let the theory decide the direction in which you travel. Let the network of rails be the network of thoughts. Use the rails on the eurasian continent. Start in Moscow. Do it for a month.

Thus I wrote a project and applied for money. In it I wrote:

The attempt to construct a coherent theory, in the best of cases a world-view, is undertaken on a train journey

media: 1 month long-duration-performance with daily train travel of min. 6 hours. A train journey limited only by the borders of the eurasian continent. 10 abstract topics are distributed on the four directions of the compass.
project start: jun 2015; journey mar-apr 2016
public presentations : The lecture-performance series “10 x Theorie für dich (mein Liebling, mein Augapfel, meine Sonne und mein Mond)” is a follow-up to this work.

interview in “Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung”: http://www.old.mdz-moskau.eu/tag/gian-andri-tondury/

thesis MFA ZHdK, Feb 2016: gian-andri-toendury.ch/pdf/reise_zhdk_final2seitig.pdf

credits: reisestipendium kanton bern, evgenia grekova and other helpful friends

Views from “10 x Theorie (für Dich, mein Liebling, mein Aufapfel, meine Sonne und mein Mond)”

10 Lecture Performances in installative setting with 10 Tables corresponding to the 10 Topics of the journey.